1655 South 23rd Street
Beaumont, Texas 77707
Phone: (409) 842-4652
Fax: (409) 842-6590
Texas Electrical Commission
License # TECL 18163

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Safety Policy

Gold Crest Electric Company Inc., believes that all accidents are preventable and that accidents cause unnecessary losses, both in personal and monetary costs. Therefore, safety is a core principle of doing business, strongly interwoven with and inseparable from quality and customer service.

Gold Crest Electric Company Inc., applies and binds safety to our entire business process, from estimating through to the delivery of the final product or service, protecting our employees and clients while delivering the best value for our customers.

To this end, Gold Crest Electric Company Inc., has developed and implemented a comprehensive Safety System that exceeds OSHA standards, CFR 1910 and CFR 1926 to provide education and protection for all of our employees.

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